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Hello, my name is Jolene Stokesberry.

Ever since I developed this one formula, I’ve been able to turn my relationships around... 

Reach hundreds of introverted women to improve their relationships, and impact and change the relationship’s trajectory. 

I’ve worked at my private practice as a mental health counselor for over 10 years.

I’ve been invited to speak and teach at multiple universities. I currently consult for introverted women to create their dream relationships. 

And I absolutely love seeing them grow and succeed!

Self Love Online Course Navigating Conversations

The Challenge

Have you been wanting to open-up a particular conversation with your partner? Scared that it might come across as nagging or another fight will start instead of a conversation? 

Have you been stuck with this situation where you are powerless and it seems like there is no where to go?

Worry no more! Navigating Conversations With Self-Love will help you get through it!

The Mission

Help introverted female executives who feel lonely and neglected to put the spark, intimacy and communication back into their romantic relationships.

The Vision

Being able to express your authentic self, have good communication, and experience an easy and loving relationship.

The Wait List

Why do we have a wait list?
This ensures every woman who purchases a class will be part of a scheduled group. This way everyone will receive the attention and interaction required to move forward in their relationships. This empowering approach helps all participants be as successful as possible through their journey to a more meaningful loving relationship.