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Navigating Conversations With Self Love

Navigating Conversations With Self Love



  • Find your voice and express your feelings and needs
  • Speak your truth with confidence
  • Set boundaries that your partner respects
  • Become more compassionate
  • Feel more loved and understood
  • Wake up feeling like it’s a fresh new day full of possibilities
  • Feel connected with your partner, friends and family
  • Enjoy quality time with your partner/friends
  • Smile and laugh more easily

Self Love, Jolene Stokesberry
Self Love Online Course Navigating Conversations

Exclusive Access To Jolene Stokesberry

I'm passionate about working with powerful introverted women. There's nothing better than having the skills to proactively make your life better... You know, the life you have always wanted.

8 Video Modules

The eight modules have been put together so you can move forward effectively through the program. Each module includes a practical guide to assist you in putting the techniques into practice so you can experience the benefits of change!

Course Materials, Self Love, Navigating Conversations, Healing Relationships

Downloadable Guides & Resources

Get exclusive access to the modules to heal your relationships. Navigating Conversations With Self Love can have a transforming effect on your live and relationships.

About Jolene

I help introverted female executives and professionals who feel lonely and neglected to put the spark, intimacy and communication back into their romantic relationships.

You Have Questions?
I Have Answers 

For the course "Navigating Conversations With Self Love" is there a stage of the relationship I should be in?

Such a great question...
To be honest, it doesn’t matter. 

All that you need to have is experience with having a romantic relationship.. Whether you’ve been in it for 24 years, or you’ve just started your first romance, that part isn't important. 

As long as you’re an introvert with experience in a romantic relationship you’ll have serious chances of success implementing the strategies inside the Navigating Conversations with Self Love online course.

What is a relationship strategy session?

It is a Free 40 min. Zoom call with me, as your consultant. During the call, we will talk about the following:

1. Discuss how you can create your very own successful relationship.
2. Resolve your biggest relationship and romance challenges once and for all.
3. Figure out exactly what is holding you back and any roadblocks that are in the way for you and your relationship. 

Then I’ll help you create a Relationship Master Plan to get results in the fastest time possible…
So you can be confident in knowing exactly what you need to do in the next 30 days to start getting your needs met fast.

How long is the strategy session?

You’ll have 40 minutes with me - a good chunk of time, I know! 

All you’ll need is a paper and pen, and of course a, Yes I Can attitude. 

You can also schedule the call in YOUR timezone (you’ll see that on the booking page), so hopefully you can find a slot that works perfectly for you.

Can this work in an abusive relationship?

You need to focus on your safety. So this call would not be beneficial for you. Please call your local hotline or National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 800-799-7233.

Can I schedule the strategy session in my timezone?

We work with women from all around the world, that’s why these calls are so popular and fill out so quickly! 

If the calendar says ‘closed’ that’s because the spots are all filled up, but if there are spaces left, you’ll be able to choose which time slots are still available in your timezone. 

That way you can choose what works for you ;-)

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Just a little bit. You’ll see an application form when you book your call - it’s basically just a questionnaire. 

That will help both you AND I prepare for the call, so you can jump straight into the nitty gritty together and not waste time :-)

How long is this opportunity available for?

I can’t say an exact time or date.
This is only available until all the spots are filled, and you’ll be able to see that when you hit the calendar page to book. 

But from experience, it won’t be available for long.
So, with that being said.... 

Please understand that the window of opportunity to secure one of these limited spots... won’t be open for long.
When they’re gone, they’re gone. 

So click the button below to secure your call so we can help you create the Ultimate Doing Shortcut...
Your very own Doing Roadmap for 2023. 

Does this training course provide mental health counseling?

No, this is training material. The information presented in the course is made for educational purposes and should not be tagged as professional advice.

If you need more support please contact your counselor or find one that suits your needs.

Is it possible to split up the payments?

Yes, I'm happy to make the class available to those who would prefer to make two payments instead of one.

The first payment of $1400.00 will be due when you enroll and will include Modules 1-4 The second payment will also be $1400.00 for a total of $2800.00 and will unlock Modules 5-8

There is a $400 savings for those who choose to pay with a single payment.

Watch A Few Highlights From The Class